Month: November 2019

Travel to Feed Your Soul

When you hear the word travel, what do you think of? Do you think of all-out extravagent vacations with beaches, tourist guides and resorts? Or do you think of nature, relaxing and trying new things? Or does travel make you want to pull your…


5 Holiday Gifts to Upgrade Your Life

I don’t know about everyone else but I am getting a ton of emails from stores and business’ I buy from about early access Black Friday shopping. You can upgrade your life with a fraction of the costs with all the deals out there…

5 Self Care Holiday Gifts For the Season

The holiday season is upon us and Black Friday is almost here. It’s coming at you like the crooked man from Raising Dion. Cue the pressure and the stress. The next few post will be on self care holiday gifts to give your friends,…

The Startling Benefits of Magnesium

Your body relies heavily on the benefits of magnesium. It helps with a range of functions throughout your body, making it essential for your health. Chances are you are deficient in magnesium and your body is begging you to get some in your diet….

The Revolutionary Leg Massager

As a teacher, I’m on my feet all day especially at the elementary level. We are taught to get down at a child’s eye level because it helps the child feel more at ease and opens them up to better communication. This being said,…