Clean Product Alert…Contact Solution!

Clean Product Alert…Contact Solution!

A few years ago, I started listening to health podcast that was ran by a man named Dave Asprey. I started following him, listening to him and reading his blog. He made me realize that I am surounded by so many chemicals and taught me ways that I could do my part to keep my environment as clean as I possibly can. I started doing some research on the products I was using. I used an app called Think Dirty that Dave Asprey suggested (I will write more about this app later on in this post). I started scanning the products in my bathroom with this app. I could not believe how many chemicals were in my bathroom products. I was surrounded by dirty products that were not good for my health. Not one product I had was clean! My bathroom was like one big, giant monster made out of chemicals! Picture the Mindflayer from Stranger Things Season 3 when he is running after the car while Dustin is singing to his girlfriend. Me being the people in the car, chemical products being the Mindflayer! I needed to take this monster down… maybe not by singing though 🙂

If you’ve never watching Stranger Things, this is the scene I’m talking about. Especially seconds 39-48. Check it out!

Clean Goals

The chemicals in most of my products could either cause cancer, reproductive issues, or allergic reactions over time. Some products could cause more than one issue. Those issues caused enough alarm for me to start making the switch. I know there are many other things that can cause these issues but I didn’t want the products I was using on myself to be the cause of them. I felt that was almost self damaging because I was putting that product on myself. Buying clean products was something I could control and I knew it was better for the environment. I made it a goal to start buying clean products a little at a time until my bathroom products were clean and chemical free.

My Painful History With Contact Solution

I use a lot of products so it has taken me a while to gather up all these clean products. I didn’t want to break the bank so I accepted the dirty products I had and slowly started to make the switch. I first started with my contact solution. I had a terrible experience with contact solution so this needed to be the first switch. I was using Clear Care solution, the solution with the red cap, that was supposed to be deep cleaning my contacts. It was going okay for a while but the next bottle was painful. I opened the bottle and continued my normal routine. But this time it wasn’t so normal. Something happened that had never happened before. My skin turned white, bubbled up, and I had a burning sensation. My eyes turned red and were burning. I had to quickly wash my hands and get the contacts out of my eyes. My eyes watered for a while afterwards. I couldn’t believe it. I had to wear my glasses the rest of the day. I tried the solution again the next day, thinking it was just a fluke situation. Nope. Same thing happened. I went out, got something else, and started doing research about which contact solution was the cleanest.

Making the Switch

I found that Clear Care had phosphoric acid in it, an ingredient that is found in cola beverages, coffee, breakfast cereal bars and more. I’m not sure if that is what caused the reaction but it was a major difference in the contact solution I am using now, which has no phosphoric acid. It was pretty hard to find a completely clean contact solution because many contact solutions on the market have sodium borate in it which is an ingredient that is half clean and half dirty. I found a contact solution that was rated at a 5 on the Think Dirty App instead of an 8 so I decided to go with it. It is Opti-Free Replenish. The ingredients listed are sodium borate, rated at a 5. Propylene Glycol rated at a 3. Sodium Chloride, raed at a 0. It has a lower risk of respiratory and skin irritation and a lower risk of damaging fertilty than other contact solutions. Switching to this, I have no issues like I did with Clear Care. My dry eye irritation has cleared up, my eyes are not red, and my contacts are clean. I feel much better using this solution. I was on my way to wiping out the giant chemical monster that was my bathroom!

Think Dirty App

The Think Dirty App has been a gamechanger in my life. I am able to have an app on my phone that is unbiased and easily accessible that helps me keep my products clean. This is an app that scans products, tells you what ingredients are in them, and whether they are clean or dirty. If an ingredient is dirty it tells you why and what it can cause. They take the ingredients and assess the overall risk on potential health impacts. It’s a companion that has helped me stick with my goal of switching to a cleaner home. You can also shop through their app. When you scan a product, they give you a list of cleaner options to choose from. You click on the product and it tells you where you can find it. The clean product list is pretty extensive for most products, so you will have no problem finding something you want or like. Check it out on Google Play or Apple Store. It’s FREE to download! Start seaching for chemical free products you can check out today!

Book Review

The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh

This book is a simple read about meditation. In this book, Hanh gives exercies to help the reader learn skills to practice mindfulness throughout your entire day. He helps readers bring themselves back into the present moment and gives tips on how to focus on your breath to bring you back after stressful moments. He also gives tips about how to sit properly while practicing mindfulness and why you shoud sit that way. One thing I despise is doing the dishes and one exercises was about being mindful while doing the dishes. Think about what you are doing, what do you smell, how hot the water is, the bubbles. Through his exercises, he is able to bring you back to the simplicity of life. It gives you a sense of peace which everyone needs in this busy modern way of life. Check his book out here! I have also added simple links below if you are more of an audio listener and want to listen to books on audio while driving to work. Another link is for kindle users if you use electronic books. The last link is about teachers, since I am one 🙂 Go to this link to get your teacher some supplies for the classroom. We appreciate you!
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